Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May's Tart Kit

The kit this month is filled with several types of fabric that can be used in an inkjet printer. We are assuming you are familiar with your printer and can create an image. If you have a scanner or copier connected to your printer, your options for images increase. Besides the photos you take yourself, try using copyright free images from the web. Scan or copy objects directly to the fabric. Print large images in smaller sections and sew them together. Make landscapes, postcards, collages, doll faces, or create one-of-a kind fabric.

This is a copyright free photo that has been printed onto In Good Company's hand-dyed cotton, quilted, and finished as a postcard. This fabric has not been treated and so will fade over time.

This photo is a sampling of materials available for printing with an inkjet printer. The Bubble Jet Set can be used to pretreat any fabric before printing. This will allow the image to become more permanent and is recommended especially for prints that will be used in garments or in a quilt that will be washed. The Bubble Jet Rinse will help set the image. Fabric is also available that has been pretreated and is ready for printing. It just needs a sheet of freezer paper behind it to allow it to be run through the printer.

Jacquard makes a cotton sheet and an organza sheet for printing. These fabrics can be purchased with the freezer paper already attached. The organza makes a great overlay because it is sheer and translucent. To fuse over another image, use Misty Fuse.

Twill tape and silk ribbon can also be printed on. The trick is to print the words first onto a piece of computer paper. Using double stick tape or Steam-a-Seam 2, press the twill or ribbon over the already printed words. This will create a temporary bond that will allow the paper to be re-run through the printer. You can also iron the twill or ribbon to freezer paper (once you know where the words will print) and run the sheet of freezer paper through the printer.

In addition to the sheets included in the kit, silk for inkjet printing can be purchased. It is already adhered to the freezer paper and ready to print. It gives a wonderful image with a soft hand.

Experiment with the images and the fabric for printing and explore ways to use your prints in a composition.