Sunday, December 21, 2008

December's Tart Kit: MagicStamp

This month's lesson will be using a MagicStamp and ProFab textile paint to create images on fabric. Sue imprinted keys into her MagicStamp to print the center piece of the quilt above. As you can see, this printing will make a negative image as the paint on the stamp colors the fabric around the key. There is one key shape that is actually stamped. Sue put paint directly onto the key before printing.

You will start with a "clean" piece of blue foam - the MagicStamp, a rubber stamp, and ProFab textile paint. Heat the blue foam with a heat gun for about 30 seconds, being careful to not overheat it. Once heated, press it onto the rubber stamp and hold for 20 seconds. The stamp is now imprinted into the foam.

With a foam brush, spread the textile paint onto the foam and press onto fabric. For multiple prints, it is best to print before the paint dries - wet on wet. When finished with printing, let the paint image dry completely and then set it with an iron. If the printed fabric will be washed, let it set for at least 14 days before washing. The foam cleans easily with water.

Once you are done with one imprint and the foam is clean, use the heat gun again to "erase" the image. The MagicStamp is now ready to take another imprint. As long as you do not melt the foam, it can be used over and over. Remember to use both sides!

Besides using the rubber stamp, look for interesting textures and shapes in other objects. This old rusted wire basket will be imprinted after heating the foam.

Also in the kit is a length of weatherstripping which can be cut to make your own geometric, foam stamps.

Your cloth has been painted and stamped. By making your own fabric, you will be creating your own original quilted piece.