Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April's Kit: Putting on the Glitz

This month's kit contains several options for glitzing your art pieces. To give these Easter baskets some sparkle Sue Anne outlined the shapes with glitter and added Fashion Beadz around the top edge.

In this kit you will find art glitter, Fashion Beadz, a glitter pen, and glitter glue. This is an easy lesson, but gives you the opportunity to try these products and add a little sparkle to your work.

To use the glitter glue, snip off the tip and apply the glue onto the fabric. You can either use it straight from the tube or apply it with a paint brush. Pour the art glitter onto the glue and shake off. You will want to work over a protected surface. Fold a piece of paper in half and shake the glitter over it. The crease will make it easier to pour the glitter back into the bottle. The glue will dry clear and it is washable.

The Fashion Beadz are a bead "soup" immersed in glue. When the glue dries clear the beads will be attached to your fabric. Use the craft stick to place on your piece.
To use the glitter pen, drag it across your fabric. The glue will dry clear, but it is not washable. Have fun and do get carried away!