Monday, April 23, 2012

April's Tart Kit: Lines and Splatters

In this month's kit, you have the supplies and three types of paint to create your own unique fabric. There's not much lesson as you are instructed to make lines and splatters with the paint and the tools in your own style. You want to build layers of color onto the hand dyed cotton. The two samples below show first a piece that was done without getting the fabric wet and the second is a sample of spritzing the cotton before applying the paint. Either way makes a great surface.  Susan cut her piece into strips and sewed them into a small quilt which was quilted and beaded.

The different paints will make different marks so experiment a lot. When you are done you will heat set the paint with your iron. If you are so inclined, add more marks by stamping or drawing. Build lots of cloth so that it will be available when you are ready to design.