Thursday, February 21, 2008

February's Tart Kit

This month the lesson is about image transfer using several acrylic products: gel medium, gesso, and acrylic paint. As an extra we added a piece of Bondex as an iron-on method. The basic instructions are to treat the right side of an image and/or background fabric with the acrylic product, place the "glued" image on the fabric background, let dry, and remove the paper backing by moistening and rubbing the back paper away. The "glue" of the acrylic product holds the image onto the fabric.

The back paper comes off in layers and may take several periods of wetting and rubbing before the image is as clear as you want it to be.

The image should be a photocopy, ink jet copy, or magazine or newspaper image: something with a fairly lightweight base paper. Use enough product to evenly coat your image in order to protect it when removing the back paper with water. In using the Bondex, iron the right side of the image to the Bondex and then remove the back paper with water.
The acrylic product you use will affect the backgound of your image. The gel dries somewhat clear, the gesso is white and of course the paint will show through the image.

This is Sue's finished collage of transfered images. She used both the gel medium and the gesso.

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