Sunday, June 15, 2008

June's Tart Kit: Shaving Cream Marbling

This month we are using foamy shaving cream to create a base for a marbled monoprint. The shaving cream will hold the thin paint while the untreated fabric is laid on top to print. Once the shaving cream has dried, the fabric is heat-set and washed. You have just made your own one-of-a-kind print!Spread the shaving cream in a thick layer onto a covered surface. Smooth it out with a knife or straightedge.

Dribble the Dye-Na-Flow paint onto the shaving cream surface. The paint can be mixed in a separate cup before dribbling or it can be mixed right on the shaving cream.

Use a large toothed comb, chopsticks, or a knife to move the paint around, creating the marbling pattern.

When you are satisfied with your pattern, carefully lay a piece of untreated fabric on top of the paint. This is the back side of the fabric as it is laying on top of the paint. When you are satisfied with the saturation of the paint, it will be time to lift the fabric off.

As the shaving cream and paint dry, the print will become more clear. Once it is dry, heat-set the fabric between two press cloths. Then rinse the shaving cream out of the fabric.

Small objects may be placed on top of the painted shaving cream before printing. The shaving cream is firm enough to hold these objects.

This photo shows the back of the fabric on the shaving cream with the resists in place. They have prevented the paint from printing the fabric.

Once your fabric is printed, heat-set and rinsed, it is ready for you to use in piecing, applique, or garments.

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