Thursday, June 25, 2009

June's Lesson: Block Printing

In this lesson, you will be making your own stamp by carving an eraser or gluing craft foam to a plexiglas square. A fabric marker will be your ink. The Sunshine Square above was printed with the sun motif made from craft foam, a button, and a square of corrugated cardboard.

The four examples of carved erasers show two curved desgns: the scroll and the leaf. The scroll is the design or the positive image. The background of the leaf is the printed area and the leaf outline becomes the negative image. The last two motifs are geometric. By not cutting more than half way through the eraser, you will be able to have two designs. Apply the ink from the marker's brush end and stamp. Examples of the images stamped on fabric follow.

The cork that was included in the kit can be used to mount small objects that have an interesting design. The ink is applied to the object and then printed.

Cut shapes from the craft foam and glue them to the plexiglas, apply the ink and stamp.

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