Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August's Lesson: Texted Collage

This month we want you to use lettering and text as the primary design element. The kit includes a pen and stencil, tissue paper, a page from a book, dye, and a primed canvas background. The texted collage can then be used either as the whole quilt or as an applique or part of a larger piece.

First you will color the primed canvas with the dye. Dilute a small amount of the dye to the intensity you would like with water and apply with the foam brush and/or the mini-mister that is in your kit. Once the dye is dry, write across the background with the Sharpie pen. Write words, sayings, a recipe, a letter, anything that suits your fancy. Much of this writing will be covered with layers of paper, stamping, or paint. The text will become a subtle background element.

Dilute the Elmer's glue with water, one part to one part. Use the glue to adhere pieces of tissue paper, magazine or book text, computer printing, the top ply of decorated paper napkins or other bits and pieces. Cover the top with the glue, decoupaging it all to the canvas. If you'd like, while the glue is still wet, spritz more dye onto the surface.

When the surface has dried, add stamped images or words with ink or paint. The finished canvas may be cut and stitched.

This project is your chance to "make a statement"! It can truly be a one-of-a-kind piece especially if you have incorporated your own hand writing.

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