Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June's Tart Kit: Stacked Silk

Sue Anne created this little piece with three of the four stacked silks. Once the silk has been painted and heat set it can be cut up and used in your art piece.

Before you begin, the piece of raw silk will need to be rinsed and dried before you apply the Dyn-a-flow. This allows the paint to flow better. See the example below.

In this lesson you will stack the four different types of silk into one pile. It doesn't matter which piece is on top. You may want to experiment with placing different silks in different orders. It is important that you use a fair amount of paint in order for it to soak through to the last silk on the bottom. We found that we were more successful when we allowed the tip of the Dyn-a-flow bottle to touch the silk itself during the application. Each layer will take the paint a little differently with the top layer having more "white" space than the successive layers.

Leave the silk in its stack until it dries and then heat set it with your iron. Once set, it is ready to be used.

Of course, each piece of silk may be painted with the Dyn-a-flow separately. However, there is more serendipity in letting the paint do its thing in the stack!

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