Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March Tart Kit: Upcycled Art

We're preparing for Earth Day again this year by building a Tart kit around items for upcycling. You will take the kit contents and repurpose them into an art piece.

You have two book covers that have been removed from obsolete books. These will serve as your canvas. To cover the original color of the book cover, paint it with the gesso in the kit. You will then have a surface that can be painted or glued.

The other items in your kit can be altered as you see fit. One example is to color the used dryer sheet with paint and adhere it to the dried book cover with the gel medium.

The fabrics in the kit can be altered as well. You may paint them, tear them, stamp them and stitch them. Use the gel medium to "glue" it on. The gel medium is also great for adding buttons or other embellishments. Find objects in your studio to add to the composition such as glitter and foil.

One use for the paper towel included is to glue it over the gesso covered canvas with the gel medium. Here's a good reason to keep your clean up towels when you paint!

Try stenciling with paint, or collaging with tissue paper.

There are very few "rules" for you to follow. Just remember to use items that you already have and have fun.


Diane said...

This is interesting. I've saved a few paper towels aside for use in a quilt.

In Good Company said...

Un-ply the towels for two sheets of the same colors. Paper towels are great for paint clean up.